Colored Pillar Candles

Immerse yourself in the brilliance of Kisco’s colorful pillar candles, that combine elegance with the practicality of a clean, dripless burn. Our smokeless candles burn longer, illuminating your space with a tranquil, steady light that lasts. 

Colorful Pillar Candle FAQs

Do Your Colored Pillar Candles Have a Fragrance?

No, our colored pillar candles are fragrance-free to accentuate your space without scent.

How Long Do the Pillar Candles Burn?

While burn time depends on size and style, here are a few details. Our Classic Pillar Candles are meticulously designed to brighten your space for an impressive 20 hours, ensuring a prolonged, serene ambiance. Our Sunset Pillar Candles offer a steady burn for up to 35 hours. This is achievable under optimal conditions, away from drafts, fans, or air conditioning that could hasten the burn.Some colored candles including our Shimmer Pillar Candles, can glow for a remarkable 60 hours.

Do You Offer Discounts on Pillar Candles?

Those seeking larger quantities will enjoy bulk order discounts, making our colored pillar candles an ideal addition for weddings and special events. As an added advantage, all orders, whether bulk or individual, are shipped free of charge, ensuring you get the best value without any extra cost.