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Everything turns magical in the candlelight

Decorative Event Candles
Create ambient, cozy living spaces.
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Top quality
Relax and enjoy the ambiance. No worries about waxy residue or smoky odor.
Light candles that have a lovely finish and burn with a silent, steady flame- they almost look unreal.
Long lasting
Ignite with peace of mind. Your candles will burn brightly for as long as promised.

It’s not just a candle.

It’s an atmosphere.
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wedding atmosphere
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Bolsius Candles

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Shop the finest in candles.

For more than a century, bolsius has been a leader in perfecting and producing superior candles.

That’s how you get candles that burn better, brighter and longer. Candles that look beautiful and are friendly to the environment. It’s no wonder that Bolsius dripless candles are our all-time best-sellers.
European Quality
Plant Based Wax
Braided Cotton Wicks
Eco-friendly Packaging
What it looks
like in real life?
No smoke.
No popping.
No flickering.
No waxy odor.
No dripping wax.
Ignite beauty.

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