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Kisco Candles celebrates the role of light in making your wedding day unforgettable. From elegant pillar candles to romantic floating candles, our wholesale candles capture the essence of your special moments while bringing you savings. With our wholesale wedding candles, you get a clean, smokeless burn, immersing your guests in the magic of your day.

Bolsius Wedding Candles Make the Difference

One of the many decisions you'll need to make for your big day is what type of wedding candles to use for your ceremony and reception. This is one task that Kisco can happily take off your hands. We offer exquisite options, including pillar candles, classic tapers and floating candles for wedding day magic. We can even help you create stunning table displays with Bolsius wedding centerpiece candles. Each of our wedding candles adds a touch of elegance to the proceedings, ensuring your wedding day is as beautiful and luminous as you've always imagined.

Wedding Candles
Wedding Candles

Types of Wedding Candles for Your Special Day

Selecting proper candles is essential to adding that magical touch to your wedding day. We carry high-quality Bolsius wedding candles that set the mood, from the gentle glow of floating candles to the dignified elegance of taper candles and the robust presence of wedding pillar candles. Each type caters to a different theme or preferences, ensuring your day is illuminated to suit your style.

Taper Candles for Weddings

As the classic choice for nuptials, taper candles for weddings lend an air of sophistication and tradition to your ceremony and reception. Their elegant stature and soft light enrich any space, casting a warm, inviting glow over your guests.

Pillar Candles

For a bold statement, wedding pillar candles offer versatility and durability, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor settings. Available in various sizes and colors, they can be used alone or in groups to create dramatic centerpieces or aisle decorations.

Floating Candles for Wedding Arrangements

Perfect for creating a serene and romantic setting, floating candles for wedding arrangements add a touch of grace to any water feature or decorations. Available in a variety of hues, they blend beautifully with your wedding's color scheme, providing a magical glow that lasts throughout the evening.

Specifically designed to be the focal point of your tables, wedding centerpiece candles come in many styles and sizes. Whether you're looking for something simple, understated, elaborate or eye-catching, Kisco has the perfect options to enhance your wedding décor.

Quick Answers to Your Wedding Candle Queries

Choosing the perfect candles for your wedding is essential to creating the right ambiance. Here, we've answered some of the most common questions about the Bolsius wedding candles we offer. If you need additional information, please contact us.

How Long Do Bolsius Wedding Candles Burn?

Burn times vary by candle type. Generally, taper candles can last 6 to 13 hours, pillar candles anywhere between 17 and 100 hours (depending on their size) and floating candles from 4 to 8 hours. This ensures your candles will last through your ceremony and reception with ease. Check the individual product description for details.

Do You Offer Candles that Match Wedding Color Schemes?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of color coordination for weddings. Bolsius wedding candles come in various colors to match any theme or palette, ensuring they complement your decorations beautifully.

What Sizes Do Your Wedding Candles Come In?

We carry several sizes to fit your wedding needs and design preferences. Our taper candles range from 7 to almost 12 inches in height, perfect for creating elegant lines on any table. Floating candles for weddings are available in diameters from 2 to 4 inches, ideal for various centerpiece designs. Meanwhile, pillar candles are up to 6 inches wide x 9 inches tall, making them versatile for standalone decoration or as part of more extensive arrangements. This variety ensures you'll find the right candle to match the style and ambiance of your venue.

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 Make Bolsius Wedding Candles Part of Your Special Day 

Including Bolsius wedding candles in your wedding ceremony and reception infuses your celebration with warmth and intimacy. Whether adorning the aisle in church or illuminating the tables where loved ones gather, wedding candles from Kisco offer endless possibilities to create atmospheric magic on your big day.

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