It’s not just a candle.

It’s an atmosphere.

Kisco Candles is all about providing you with the perfect candlelight experience.  That’s why we bring you only premium, high-quality candles from reputable brands. Enjoy candles that look beautiful and burn perfectly.

Because we know how important your candles are to the mood you are creating.

Our Promise

Love the candles you light.

Our Mission

To provide candles that bring delight and are a joy to use.

What does this look like in real life?

We insist on only carrying candles of superior quality. That means they burn evenly. No drips or smoking. No flickering or popping. No waxy odor. 

Ignite beauty. Conveniently.

Our History

Kisco has its origins in the small, cozy town of Mount Kisco, NY. This quaint suburban city, set apart from the monstrous urbanity of New York, holds many precious childhood memories. Happy times. Memories of family. Memories of friends. But more than the details of our childhood—which have gone fuzzy over the years—we cherish the essence of Mount Kisco, which remains with us until today. The warmth and nostalgia of this intimate community and the slow-paced suburban life. 

Kisco’s mission is to bring the same warmth and nostalgia to your weddings, homes, and romantic dinner tables illuminating your precious memories forever. Kisco aims to provide you with candles that  spark joy, ambiance, and magical moments.

How did we get here?

2002: We’re selling one type of candle, delivering each one personally to the customer.

2010: We’re distributing to tens of brick and mortar stores in the tri-state area

2014: We’re selling online on multiple platforms, such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart

2020: We’re distributing hundreds of candles weekly out of our multiple warehouses.

2022: We’ve got our own website! Now we can provide customers with our pick of premium brands, plus our signature service and pricing.

Every successful business stands on its values. What are Kisco’s?

Never compromise on quality

We believe that there’s nothing more beautiful than a glowing candle and nothing more distasteful than ugly wax globs, smelly soot, and waxy odors.

Treat customers like family

That means on-time deliveries, responsiveness, and stellar customer service. And free shipping on all orders.

Always find ways to improve

We are never satisfied with the status quo and are constantly refreshing our selection and adding more eco-friendly lines.

Get the finest in candles.

It’s the simple things in life that bring the most joy.

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