Pillar Candles

Elevate your space with our versatile dripless pillar candles, creating the perfect atmosphere in every flicker. Our unscented pillar candles provide a peaceful glow and promise a clean, steady burn for any occasion. And all of our pillar candles and candle sets come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Whether you're drawn to the timeless allure of traditional fireplace candles, the cozy vibe of rustic large wax pillar candles, or the dazzling glamor of shimmering pillar creations, we have it all.

European Quality
Plant Based Wax
Braided Cotton Wicks
Eco-friendly Packaging
Get the Finest in Candles.

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Browse Beautiful Colors and Styles in the Pillar Candles Collection

Explore the stunning spectrum of Kisco's pillar candles, where each style tells its story. The shimmer pillar candles bring a luxurious feel, perfect for those special moments, while our more rustic candles offer a homey, inviting atmosphere. With sizes, colors and shapes to suit every occasion, this collection ensures that your chosen candle complements your setting and style.

Set the Mood with Unscented  Pillar Candles

Kisco's pillar candles offer unmatched versatility in usage. Whether creating a soothing environment for a spa day at home, adding sophistication to corporate events or making celebrations more festive, these candles are up to the task. They’re perfect for adding a comforting glow to your daily routines or elevating the ambiance of special occasions. Upgrade your ambiance and consider a multi-wick pillar candle. Their gentle light and stylish presence effortlessly create a welcoming and warm atmosphere in any setting.

Pillar candles can instantly transform your room with: 

  • Visual Elegance: The tall and solid structure of pillar candles adds an aesthetic element to your design scheme, enhancing the visual appeal of a room.
  • Soft Lighting: The gentle light emitted from pillar candles creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, ideal for relaxing or intimate gatherings.
  • Longer Burn Time: Compared to other types of candles, Bolsius pillar candles generally have a longer burn time, ensuring a lasting ambiance for extended periods, making them ideal for events or prolonged relaxation sessions.
  • Versatility in Decoration: Pillar candles can be used in various colors and sizes in diverse décorative themes, from minimalist to ornate settings.

Better and Brighter Burn: Our Bolsius pillar candles are made exclusively with dripless wax and are guaranteed to make your candle burn brighter and longer.

The Craftsmanship Behind Kisco’s Pillar Candles

Unscented pillar candles are more than just an accent; they're a design statement. Each Bolsius candle is made with dripless and smokeless wax. This ensures your candle burns cleanly and evenly for a long-lasting and consistent glow. The artisans meticulously craft each candle to be both durable and appealing. Kisco’s commitment to excellence sets these candle collections apart, making them a welcomed addition to any occasion.

Get the Finest in Candles.

Choose Your Perfect Pillar Candles for Endless Elegance

Unscented pillar candles elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your spaces. Kisco invites you to explore this collection and discover the perfect candle to suit your space. Whether for personal or commercial use, our pillar candles add a touch of elegance and warmth to your surroundings. Find your ideal candle today and let the magic of Kisco Candles light up your life.

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Unscented Pillar Candles FAQs: Read More About Our Collection

Discover more about the enchanting world of Kisco's pillar candles , from candle selection to care.

What Sizes Are Available in the Pillar Candles Collection?

These pillar candle collections include various sizes to fit your needs, from petite 2"x4" pillar candles perfect for intimate settings to larger 3"x3" pillar candle options for a more pronounced presence. Each size is crafted to the same high standards of quality and elegance.

Can I Buy Pillar Candles in Bulk?

We provide options for wholesale bulk pillar candles, perfect for events, large spaces and businesses. We have bulk pillar candles available in several sizes and denominations.

How Long Do the Pillar Candles Typically Burn?

The burn time of the candles varies depending on their size. Generally, pillar candles are designed for a long, clean burn, offering hours of steady, beautiful light. Our 2.75”x6.6” pillar candles can burn for up to 62 hours, while 2”x4” candles can burn for up to 20 hours. The 3”x3” can last up to 25 hours, while the 3”x9” has an impressive burn time of 116 hours.

How do I Maintain the Quality of My Candle?

Proper pillar candle maintenance is essential for maximizing the life of your candle. Every time you burn your candle, let the entire top layer of wax melt. This process, known as achieving a full melt pool, ensures even burning and prevents tunneling. Always place pillar candles on a heat-resistant surface and never leave them unattended while lit.

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